Wait for It

It’s graduation season once again!

Graduation photos have constantly been popping on my Facebook feed these past few months. Wide smiles, made-up faces, happy tears – the symbols of hard-earned triumph after years and years of studying.

Graduation, however, is definitely not an end; it is a beginning. Upon graduation, a realization will sink in. It is time to put all that learning to use. Scrolling down job advertisements online trying to find the perfect one, printing out resumes, filling out forms for various national IDs – tasks of (as people would say) “an adult.”

“Welcome to the real world, kids,” people around fresh graduates often tell. This gives the impression that while studying, students were having the time of their lives. Well, I doubt that. It discredits all the hard work students have done to be able to get through everything.

If you’re graduating from college this year, congratulations! I respect you and your dedication. You’ve reached the finish line, hooray! You deserve all the love, admiration, and joy in the world. You can rest and sleep now. Haha!

If you’re worrying about what’s going to happen next, don’t. Take a little time to breathe after graduation and do the things you love. If you’ve already found a job, well, congratulations! Work smart and work hard.

It’s almost a year since I graduated from college (June 25 is my graduation anniversary). I still haven’t figured out my life yet, and that’s okay. The best things take a while to blossom.

Congratulations, graduates!

Here are my graduation photos; in case you want to see them. 🙂


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